Project Manager for Legal Team

Job description

Role Overview

We are looking for a Project Manager to support the legal team's high growth and help them deliver timely and efficient advice.

Core Responsibilities

  • Streamlining workflows, standardise procedures and implementing processes required to support the legal team,

  • Implementing and maintaining the required legal tech tools (including contract and document management, workflow automation, spend management, e-signature,...),

  • Supporting the legal team on strategic projects including gathering requirements, and engaging with key stakeholders (corporate restructuring, data protection strategy,...),

  • Reviewing resources and organisation in relation to current projects to ensure adequate bandwidth to complete projects successfully,

  • Creating an escalation process to provide a structured way of raising escalation across projects,

  • Creating training guides and playbooks,

  • Training Ramp’s team on legal processes and procedures,

  • Reporting on usage and performance of legal processes and creating tracking and reporting dashboards,

  • Building the legal wiki,

  • Supporting the Chief Legal Officer in reporting legal team performance to the board and management team,

  • Optimising the use of external counsels.


  • Experience implementing and scaling legal technology solutions,
  • Striving in a fast pace environment,
  • Deep understanding of the legal function,
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills,
  • Strong organisational and project management skills.

Our recruitment process

1. Discovery interview - 30 min

2. Technical interview - 45 min

3. Meeting with the Legal team - 60 minut

We offer
💰 competitive compensation package

📈 stock options in a rapidly growing company
🏝 fully paid holidays 
🥇 being part of one of the hottest crypto startups,
👩‍🎓 self-development and conference budget to help you grow,

⛰️ annual company retreat,

🔝 making decisions having an impact and a super high level of ownership.

Ramp is an equal opportunity employer. What this means in practice is that your race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, disability, or age won’t affect our recruitment decisions. We’ll focus solely on your skills, experience, the potential for growth and attitude.

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